We have NEARLY 60 professional-quality microphones in our mic locker; several high-quality microphone preamps (Neve & API-inspired, SSL, Focusrite, Daking, etc.); a ton of guitar & bass amps and DIs to choose from to dial in your ideal sound; a huge library of virtual effects and instruments; industry-standard recording and editing software; top-of-the-line converters; and a ton of other gear to achieve the most professional sound for your project!

Microphone Preamps

Daking Audio Mic Pre II, SSL XLogic Alpha VHD, Focusrite ISA Two, Warm Audio WA412, Warm Audio WA273-EQ, Warm Audio  WA273, ART Pro MPA II

Guitar Gear

Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Hughes & Kettner, Egnater, Paul Reed Smith, Blackstar, VOX, Jet City, Randall, Bugera, Line 6, Digitech, 2x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s, 2x12 cab with Celestion Greenbacks


Pro Tools HD 12, Harrison Mixbus 32c v6, Cockos Reaper, Adobe Audition CC

Mics (1 or more of each)

AKG: C414 & D112; Audix: i5, D2, D4, D6 & ADX51; Avantone: CV-12; Cascade: Fathead II; Mojave: MA-201fet; Lauten Audio: LA120; Lewitt: LCT 040 Match & LCT 140 AIR; Roswell: Mini K47; Royer: R-122 & R-10; Sennheiser: e604 & e609; Shure: Beta 52A, SM81, SM7B, 

SM57 & SM58; Solomon: LoFreq; Warm Audio: WA251, WA47, WA47jr, WA-84 & WA-87

Outboard Gear

Warm Audio BUS-COMP, 1176 style limiter, LA-2A style leveling amplifier, LA-3A style  compressor, DBX 160A, DBX 166xs, ART Pro VLA II, Klark Teknik EQP-KT EQ, JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer

Bass Gear

Ampeg, Sansamp, Trace Elliot, Microtubes, Hartke

Audio Interface

Mark of the Unicorn

(MOTU) 24Ai/24Ao

24-channel analog audio interface


KRK Rokit 5 (Gen 3)

KRK Rokit 8 (Gen 3)

Effects for Mixing

WAVES, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Softube, Soundtoys, Native Instruments, many others

Analog Mixer

Toft Audio Designs (Trident) ATB 16 Recording Console

MIDI Controllers

Behringer X-Touch, M-Audio Keystation 61

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