We have over 30 professional-quality microphones in our mic locker; several high-quality microphone preamps; a ton of guitar & bass amps and DIs; a huge library of virtual effects and instruments; industry-standard recording and editing software; and a ton of other gear to achieve the most professional sound for your project!


Mackie 8 Bus Mixer Series Mixing Console


At the heart of the operation is the Mackie 24x8 8-Bus Series Mixing Console. Quite possibly the most popular recording console in human history, Mackie 8-Bus consoles have outsold every other mixer in their class. Mackie Designs' series of 32, 24 and 16-channel 8-Bus consoles have set new standards for console quality and high value. Put simply, Mackie's innovative engineering has made it possible to create affordable 8-Bus consoles with better headroom, less noise and more features than models costing twice as much. There are many 8-Bus consoles on the market today, including some that were directly inspired by the Mackie Designs 8-Bus series. If you attempt to compare them solely on the basis of features, you're missing an invisible but key difference: Sound quality. And that's where the 8-Bus Series distances itself from the competition. The Mackie 24/8 is the first affordable console that is being used on major-label album projects worldwide.


Professional-Quality Microphone Preamps


Cimamusic Mix & Mastering uses replicas of highly coveted microphone preamps: the API 3124 and the Neve 1073. In addition, the Focusrite ISA Two, which was designed by Rupert Neve, is another staple in our quality mic pre collection! Capturing a good sound from the start is crucial in ensuring a great mix; and this collection of mic preamps always guarantees a great recording.


Professional Microphones


The collection of microphones at Cimamusic Mix & Mastering is found at top recording studios around the world. Everything from AKG C414s to Shure SM81s, we have a variety of great microphones to cover pretty much any job – from vocals to drums and from acoustic instruments to screaming electric guitars.




Cimamusic Mix & Mastering records using Pro Tools, but we use Harrison Mixbus 32c for the majority of our mixes. Thanks to the use of high performance computer technology pioneered by Harrison, Mixbus 32c is able to impart a “True Analog” warmth to tracks just by virtue of importing them into a session. Cimamusix Mix & Mastering also has a ton of plugins from top makers such as WAVES, Slate Digital and Softube to provide the most professional-sounding mixes possible.


Microphone Preamps

Daking Audio Mic Pre II, SSL XLogic Alpha  VHD, Warm Audio WA412, Warm Audio WA273-EQ, Warm Audio  WA273, Focusrite ISA Two, ART Pro MPA II

Guitar Gear

Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Hughes & Kettner, Egnater, Paul Reed Smith, Blackstar, VOX, Jet City, Randall, Bugera, Line 6, Digitech, 2x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s, 2x12 cab with Celestion Greenbacks


Pro Tools HD 12, Harrison Mixbus 32c v6, Adobe Audition CC

Microphones (1 or more)

AKG: C414, C430 & D112; Audix: i5, D2, D4, D6 & ADX51; Avantone: CV-12; Cascade: Fathead II; Mojave: MA-201fet; Lauten Audio: LA120; Lewitt: LCT 040 Match & LCT 140 AIR; Roswell: Mini K47; Royer: R-122 & R-10; Sennheiser: e604 & e609; Shure: Beta 52A, SM81, SM7B, 

SM57 & SM58; Solomon: LoFreq; Warm Audio: WA251, WA47, WA47jr, WA-84 & WA-87

Outboard Gear

1176 Limiter, KT-2A Leveling Amplifier, DBX 160A, DBX 166xs, ART Pro VLA II, Klark Teknik EQP-KT EQ, JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer

Bass Gear

Ampeg, Sansamp, Trace Elliot, Microtubes, Hartke


KRK Rokit 8, KRK Rokit 5

Effects for Mixing

WAVES, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Softube, Soundtoys, Native Instruments, many others

Analog Mixer

Mackie 24x8 Bus Series Mixing Console

MIDI Controllers

Behringer X-Touch, M-Audio Keystation 61


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